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In accordance with the current Federal Government guidelines, our approach to Display Home visits has changed.

We are now open 7 days a week, 10am - 5pm and allowing up to 20 people at a time per home to explore our stunning homes.

We’re still committed to bringing your dream of building new to life. So we invite you and your family to discover our award winning displays and immerse yourself in a world where you can explore every little detail of your favourite Brighton Display Home and be assured your health and safety is paramount.

Book a sit down appointment with our Building and Design Consultants today and don't miss out on Letting Life In with Brighton Homes.

Please note: we do ask, for the safety of all involved, should you answer YES to either of the below, please reconsider your display visit and come at a later time.

1. Have you come into contact with anyone suspected of carrying the virus?
2. Are you or your family suffering from any of the symptoms of the virus: sore throat, fever, cough? 

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